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The Uvula From Betelgeuse-4!

Ululations and Whingeings from IT! The Living Pratfall From Beyond Space!

The Feckless Wonder
31 March 1966
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From the farthest reaches of TIME and SPACE comes a CREATURE at once so UNLIKELY, risible and REVOLTING as to BEGGAR the IMAGINATION and STAGGER the SENSES! Uncontrollably radiating waves of SULLEN HILARITY, SELF-IMPORTANCE, REPRESSED FURY, ANGST, ALIENATION, CURIOSITY, AIMLESS DESIRES, SOCIAL INEPTITUDE, CONFUSION, DOUBT and PARALYZING FECKLESSNESS, it threatens to turn any and all beings it comes into prolonged contact with into quivering blobs of ineffectual, interstellar jelly JUST -- LIKE -- IT!

"The horror---the horror----"